Q) I have been drinking water out of the tap (town supply) all my life and I feel good, why should I switch to bottled water for drinking?

A)    Aha....maybe if you had been drinking better quality water (without the added chemicals) you may actually be feeling "GOODER".

Of course, we cannot practically live two lives at once to allow us the luxury of trying two versions.

It may be a little like those who state that their old grand dad smoked a pipe and drank alcohol every day and he lived to 92.

There are clear stats which show any of us that "old grand dad" was an exception to the norm.
(AND...that if he did not smoke or drink, he may have lived to 120 years of age, and with a better quality of life in those 'dying' years???)   Just like the pure-living Himalayans did (& do).

It was only just a few years back that there had been literally decades of time where people found it quite normal and acceptable to smoke....now it is illegal in most public places.....why is that a fact?
Maybe after the "jet-lag" health after-effects from the drinking of poor quality and "tainted" town-supply waters becomes clearly obvious as those people die off, will a similar approach be more acceptable regarding our drinking water?
Maybe we can simply suggest that you have inherited good genes, but equally suggest that it could all be GOODER...?

There is a saying which states....WE ARE WHAT WE EAT  (and drink).

If you believe in such statements, then there may be part of your answer in that saying?

Our target market is to those in the world who do actually believe in learning from quality research, for much the same reason we go to school...to learn.
However, if all the available knowledge is provided to us at school, and we decline to accept it, then that is our choice.

Of course, this is not to suggest that we should blindly accept all that is taught to us without question.
However, after the question's become answered, it is then a matter of how your life proceeds accordingly.

If anyone feels "GOOD" drinking town supply water then that may be fine for them.
However...if anyone learns (or wishes to learn) more about what they consume (food or water) and then continues to not change, then that is a possible debate?

A relatively new factor which has been raised after research into town supply tap water, is that while it may be "treated", it is only treated for a set number of things.
eg; In more recent years there has been a 'new' number of "un-ordered" additives sneaking into our water systems, and they are additives which are not tested for.

These additives enter our surface water systems (streams, rivers & lakes) by natural means and include such undesirables as  "prozac, hormones, drugs (prescription and non-prescription), certain pesticides, and E-Coli," to name just a few.

Town supply systems are not always able to test for such unprescribed nasties, so we can either accept taking them as "part of the package" or deal with the issue in the name of health.

Hopefully it is not the PROZAC within the tap water which is making a number of town water supply drinkers "overly relaxed and complacent" about drinking from a tap???

We in NZ (where I am assuming you reside) tend to have a rather complacent attitude to life and that may contribute to decisions such as drinking tap water or not?

Not being a gambler (or drug-user) at heart...I prefer the sure option myself.

Oh....to add to this is the fact that commercial beverages, (eg; beers, juices, soft drinks and so on) are all mostly made from town supply water, and while they may be filtered, they are not necessarily treated (filtered) for the nasties?

Q) Why should we not simply distill our normal water and use that PURE water for drinking?

A)    A very good question, and one which the answer is very little understood by many people worldwide, even those within our water profession.

Distilled water (or reverse osmosis water, or strip-filtered water) is good only for batteries, and certain pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications.

However, here (below) is a reasoning behind favouring water which is free of nasty undesirable elements (as described in the above question), in favour of water which has the "desirable" elements within.

If you drink PURE water, your body has a natural in-built function which makes it 'excrete' your own bodily-held elements (desirables) into that PURE water, which then transports (excretes) them out of your body as a natural daily process...!

This is precisely the opposite to what we are wishing to achieve for on-going health.
In fact, there are literally billions of dollars spent by people every year in an endeavour to actually provide additional nutrients and elements such as vitamins and minerals to our bodies in the name of health...!?

Therefore, Southern Star Water ensures that our water contains naturally-occuring, balanced amounts of the desirable elements to help ensure the best maintenance of bodily health.

Southern Star Water has a strict policy of providing TOP QUALITY drinking water to amongst the most discerning, health-conscious people world wide.
We do not strive to hard-sell QUALITY drinking water to everyone, or just anyone.
We just offer it and promote it as amongst the best drinking waters available in the world to those who are aware of it's benefits to their health.

Southern Star Water subscribes to various reputable research facilities, and we base our choices and offerings on the results .

Q) Why is it that we have to pay such a comparitively high price for something as plain as bottled water?

A)     "Plain old bottled water".......is not as plain as you may imagine.

Let's explain it this way...

If you lined up three different containers on your window sill, one with MILK, a second with JUICE, and a third with bottled WATER.

*   The MILK would be 'rotten' within just hours.
*   The JUICE fermented within a couple of days
*   The bottled WATER would still be drinkable a couple of years later.

WHY???          MICROBES....!!!

The MILK has most microbes
The JUICE has the next amount

Microbes multiply (in ideal conditions) much the same as the most powerful factor in finance ....compounding interest.

ie;   one microbe becomes 4.
       4 become 8
       8 become 16
       16 become 32
Get the pattern (formula)?

So, to answer your question, the process of eliminating undesirable microbes, yet retain the desirable elements within the bottled water is the main contributor to the cost.

We do not simply 'pasteurise' water (like milk), nor do we add artificial 'preservatives' as they do with juice,...we use strict, and high tech methods to keep the water safe for you to drink.

No-one complains of a tummy upset after drinking quality bottled water.

NOTE:   There are countries which bottle their own water without applying the same strict processes we use when processing our Southern Star Water......
Those countries supply bottled water "cheaper" than we supply ours.
HOWEVER....the knowledgeable water -drinkers there tend to pay a little extra for quality water from "clean-green" New Zealand.

We have a saying....

QUALITY is like buying oats,

if you want good clean oats,

you pay a fair and reasonable price...


if you want oats that have been through a horse,

that comes a little cheaper...!

Naturally, there is much that can be added to this answer, so if you want more details, please contact us.

Q) What is the difference with bulk water compared to bottled? 
I realise that bulk is not bottled but why do you offer bulk water as well as bottled, because I had understood that it is difficult to successfully transport bulk water, especially across the equator?

A)     Yes, obviously BULK water is water which is transported in bulk containers, much like a  larger version of wine in bladders in cartons.
One of the advantages of receiving bulk water is that you can buy it at a lower rate per litre and then bottle it at destination.
Bottling at destination may then be less expensive in places where labour is cheaper, and also where bottling machines may be obtained locally (destination) at much more favourable prices than here in New Zealand.

Secondly, in relation to your comment re successfully transporting water across the equator.
Yes, this has proven to be very difficult, due to microbial multiplication in transit, because when it goes wrong, the water arrives with an undesirable green tint as a result of the microbes.

However, Southern Star Water has a world exclusive process which has overcome this potential problem,    
Ozone (the normally-accepted water treatment) has not proven to be able to always successfully overcome the problem.
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