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Michael helped to prepare a businessplan for a smaller company which is now producing smaller qualtities of bottled drinking water for the NZ domestic market.

Michael has subsequently been able to analyse various water companies, and their products both within New Zealand and overseas.

The resulting research has produced an interesting dossier of a wide range of factors relevant to water, specifically bottled and bulk drinking water.


Michael has become somewhat of an educated authority on various aspects of drinking water, and has applied that to the approach utilised by Southern Star Water in the marketing of drinking water.

Subsequently, the Southern Star Team embarked on an extensive program of sourcing what is confirmed as being some of the world's best quality drinking water.

It has been determined that there are only about 7 sites within New Zealand which fulfill the Southern Star Water criteria to provide the benchmark “quality” alongside required “quantities.”

One site has been notified as being “bio” water, which in effect is organic water.

In short, this defines the water as having all of the desired elements which make up the best drinking water natuarally occuring, and importantly, this water has none of the “un-desireable” elements for quality drinking water.

Likewise, the water is not “strip-filtered” and does not require the need to add artificial elements back into the water.

Southern Star Water has recently secured a world-exclusive right to a very exclusive natural water treatment, which can replace the traditional (albeit good) ozone process.

This new-age treatment effectively leaves a residue of less than one teaspoon of common salt in an amount of 20,000 litres of our water.

The problem of shipping “bulk” water over the equator (without the resulting green effect from microbe reproduction in transit) is now a thing of the past, exclusive to Southern Star Water.

So..Southern Star Water, can provide the normal bottled water to the world as well as now being able to successfully provide bulk water ( food-quality, container loads).

The Southern Star Water company story.


The founder of Southern Star Water, Michael Donovan, is a lifelong resident of Tauranga, a seaside city located in the beautiful Bay of Plenty region of the North Island of New Zealand.

After the sale of his hugely successful Investment Planning business in mid 2001, he decided to direct his new-found energies into the relatively new business of drinking water.

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