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Southern Star Water has completed tests on our waters over a number of years.

One of the factors which has been of prime importance has been that these tests must demonstrate a very strict consistency in lab test results.

There are many waters in the world which are not considered consistent enough in their relevant laboratory test reports, and they fluctuate for various reasons, many of which can actually suggest an undesirable content within such waters.

Also, we have noted that there are brands which promote themselves as spring waters from their local spring yet which have actually then been passed through a local body treatment plant with the result that the water then contains the “undesireable” and mostly controversial elements which are added in such water treatment.

So...while it may be correct that they can advertise their water as “spring” water, it is seen to be a mis-leading statement to not then add that the water is actually just tap-water from a municipal supply!!!

Go to our "contact us" page to request to see one of the laboratory tests for Southern Star Water.

Naturally, as a buyer of Southern Star Water, you would be provided with on-going data-log reports of all water purchased from us.

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