* World wide the drinking water industry is estimated to exceed USD$ 400 billion pa.

* The world is covered by approximately 70% water, however only approx 3% of this is fresh water, and disturbingly, not all of that water is acceptable for drinking, in fact less than 1% is actually acceptable drinking water...!

* At least 50 of China's largest cities have serious on-going problems providing good drinking water to their citizens.

* Mexico city has to deliver fresh drinking water into town from a distance of over 100 miles.

* Approximately one sixth of the world's population (ie; 1.1 billion people) do not have access to safe drinking water (source: Water Aid).

* Experts at UNESCO ( United Nations Educational Scientific & Cultural Organisation)have calculated that the need for water will double by the year 2050.

* Most countries (aside from large areas of NZ) have relatively shallow water tables, and this has created a problem from leeching into the relative water the various undesirable substances from farms, rubbish dumps and other sources. We can all recall seeing in the wid-west movies of the wells dug only a few feet down by the settlers in the USA, where they could easily get well-water in a bucket on a rope.


There are a huge and growing number of media reports about the NON- safety of many of our municipal water supplies.

These water supplies which most of us now pay for (metered) have traditionally been perceived to be “safe” for drinking.

One recent local newspaper report stated “the water is 'milky' in discolouration, and that it is due to breaks within the delivery pipes, and that if the water is left to stand, the discolouration disappears...and continues to state that the water is safe to drink...!?”

The discolouration probably does “disappear”, however, if air is allowed to be “sucked into “ the water-mains pipes, then we suggest that it would be logical that microbes are within that air, so they must remain within that “apparently suggested safe” drinking water?

However, we do not suggest that it is “panic stations” and that we should all be “over-the-top” with our fears of drinking council tap-water, because we do have an ability to build a natural immunity.

This message is merely to allow you to be aware that what is “perceived” is not always absolutely the true case.

At any time, it is claimed that there are approximately 16% of municipal water supplies which have unacceptable levels of E-Coli.

Does it make you wonder where you actually caught that “runny-tummy bug” from.

Maybe it was not the unwashed fruit you ate?

We encourage you to send us in your own reports from your area via our contact us page.

We can then add those to our site for others to be aware of.

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